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Claudy's house began as a mother's passionate dream to give her son the best life possible.  That dream inspired the first ever independent living residence for developmentally challenged young adults in the southern sector of Dallas.

Claudy's House for the Developmentally Challenged exist to give its residents broad life experiences and opportunities which produce positive, viable and productive citizens.  The group home provides a loving, Christian environment where independent living, personal growth and dignity are a reality.  Designed to accommodate five to six adults, Claudy's House is a safe, wholesome environment with on-site supervision that allows residents to be self-sufficient and live healthy, happy lives.

When Claudette Marie Wilkinson Bryant (Claudy) received the news that her youngest son Aaron had Down Syndrome, a fierce determination was born to help her son achieve a promising and productive life.  Through faith and prayer, Claudette realized that God had blessed her with Aaron because He trusted her.  As a result, she resolved to discover how children with developmentally challenges could be made complete and live a fully independent life as an adult.  More than anything, she wanted to make sure Aaron was taken care of after she was gone.

Claudette faced the challenge head on.  Her devotion to increasing the quality of life for Aaron was rewarded with a commission to the Texas Early Childhood Intervention Board of Directors as a parent liaison.  So thorough was her knowledge that she was elected to chair the board for two term.  Claudette viewed every challenge in Aaron's life from a Godly perspective and was steadfast in her promise to provide Aaron with a hope and a future.

Claudette's dream for Aaron was that he would live in a Christian home all the days of his life.  A home that embodied the same kind of love, joy, and hope that she had given him.  But before she could see her dream fulfilled, she was tragically killed in 2004 from a terrible auto accident.  Claudette's vision lives on and her family and closest friends describe her as a Godly woman who loved family and blessed the lives of many.  Through her trust in God, she was able to show others extraordinary kindness, patience and hope.  Now her family is making her dream a reality by establishing Claudy's House.  The home is a tribute to the legacy of love and kindness that Claudette demonstrated her entire life.  That was what mattered most.

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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future." ~ Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

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