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Claudette and her husband Al were shocked.  Hours after giving birth to their third son, Aaron, they were told he had Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder where an additional chromosome in the DNA make-up result in mental retardation and other developmental delays.

 Aaron's parents committed to providing him with the best services, medical care and education possible.  but most of all they gave him a home full of love.  Claudette worked tirelessly with Aaron to achieve a success from teaching him how to write the letters of his name to the skills he needed for his first job: washing windows, sweeping floors and cutting grass at his church.  Because of Claudette's patience and perseverance, Aaron at age 16, is a high functioning young man who will be on his own in just 5 years.  Claudy's House will be a natural transition, a haven, for a self-sufficient young man who can cook, clean and take the bus to work.

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